Tabernacle types and shadows

Hebrews 10:1 The law having a shadow of good things to come...

Tabernacle Shadows of the Better Sacrifices — C.T. Russell, originally 1881
A concise examination of Israel's tabernacle sacrifices explains how they symbolically point to the work of Jesus and his followers. Last issued in 1915.

Notes on the Tabernacle — Anton Frey, 1895 - 1987 (758 Pages)
Reprinted in 2022 by the Chicago Bible Students.
Includes Bookmarks, 3 Appendixes, Topical, Scripture and Subject Indexes.
Here is an outstanding resource assembled from 40 years of research
and in accord with Tabernacle Shadows of the Better Sacrifices and more.

Wilderness Wanderings — Anton Frey: Lessons from Israel in the wilderness.

A Helping Hand — In the Study of Tabernacle Shadows, C. Vermillion, 1970s
This follows the questions published with the 1914 edition of Tabernacle Shadows.
The notes and comments were gleaned from 25 years of studies.
It is intended to be a reference resource and not an answer book. So readers are encouraged to first formulate their own answers and afterward examine the references to supplement personal studies.

Before the Temple - A Tabernacle — Purpose and symbolism, New Brunswick
History and location - Purpose - Sacrifices - Then a Temple.

Tabernacle Graphics — Edmund M. Jezuit, 1917 - 2008
Place among the Tribes; Furniture and Coverings; Life in the Holy;
Light in the Holy Place; Wilderness Journey.

Tabernacle, Priesthood and Offerings — Henry William Soltau, London 1850s
Soltau was born in 1805 and died in 1875. Written well before Pastor Russell's clearer study in "Tabernacle Shadows."
Anton Frey in his extensive "Notes on the Tabernacle" has frequent references to Soltau's earlier work.
Several pages have lithographs, some in beautiful color.

Jewish Tabernacle — and its Furniture in their Typical Teachings. Richard Newton, D.D., 1874, 408 pages
Published 7 years before the standard of interpretation by C.T. Russell in 1881.
Still, the symbolisms are seriously considered, including detailed graphics.
Newton was a rector of a Philadelphia Protestant Episcopal church.
He has a single reference to the trinity on page 165. Otherwise this is inspiring reading.

The Tabernacle and the Temple — Arabella E. Webb, London 1882
64 pages, 437 basic questions and brief answers with scripture references.
Annotated throughout with antiquarian graphics.

The Tabernacle of Israel in the Desert — James Strong, 1888, 106 pages
Author of: Strong's Concordance and McClintock & Strong Cyclopedia
His studies on the Tabernacle structure, furnishings and materials.
Accompanied with numerous lithographs, plates and graphics.

God's Precious Jewels — Frederick Lardent
Published in London between 1925-1935
Jewels in the breastplate compared to God's people

Leviticus 8, 9 and 16 — Three column table of features for three chapters.

Tabernacle Offerings — Chicago Bible Students
Two pages with tabular summaries for understanding Israel's tabernacle sacrifices:
Page one provides a brief overview with explanations of four categories of sacrifices.
Page two is another comparison between the ceremonies of Leviticus chapters 8, 9 & 16.
Chapter 8 describes the "Consecration the Priesthood." Chapter 9 details the events following on the 8th day.
Chapter 16 describes the annual "Day of Atonement." These important events are compared and their significance briefly explained.

The Red Heifer — Bob Gray
Lessons from the Ancient Worthies for us and mankind.

The Rites of Atonement — Type and Antitype. Julian T. Gray 1969
Also included is a textual analysis of Hebrews 9:1-4

Tabernacle Chronology — Douglas Lawson, 1938. Portland Oregon
Bible Chronology and Prophecy from Paradise Lost to Paradise Restored.
This 24.7 X 16.4 inch blueprint maps the perimeter to note conjunctions
with the internal tabernacle structures.
1 inch = 4 Pyramid Cubits = 100 years or 1 cubit of 25 inches = 25 years.
Zoom this JPG to examine the details.

Tabernacle cubit scale — Modern drafting of the above chart concepts.
Graphic marking history scale of 1 year = 1/25 cubit (Zoom for greater detail)

Tabernacle Graphics Image Album
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