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Some useful sites, links, resources and archives, mostly supported by Bible Students except the last few items.

KutscherFiles.pdf — 2020 An index with Dropbox links to images of Bible Student history.
Brian Kutscher says:
The time has come to share these treasures that other brethren have shared with me, as well as some that are from my own cameras/scanner.
Some of these things took over 30 years for me to get them out to the brethren.
This was mainly because the technology to scan/photograph high resolution (large) images and inexpensive storage only recently became available...and there are many more things to share.

Reprinted books or first printings of valued treatises from Bible Students.
These include bound books and CD/DVDs.
The Publication Titles open to full descriptions and shipping costs.
Purchases can be made on-line for USA addresses.
Some items may be directly downloaded as free PDF versions.
Bible Student Chronology

A repository substantiating Bible Chronology, with Charts, Studies, Audio and additional links.

A special collection of information, lectures, resources, and educational materials for serious Bible Students.
Charles Taze Russell writings

A searchable web site dedicated to Charles Taze Russell's publications and supplemental publications that index or reference his work. Also includes help for site use, e-Sword and Bible search tools.
Harvest Truth DataBase version 10

Search all Harvest Truth DataBase files. A variety of proximity and search combinations are available to refine the search.
A list of all the found items provides links to display the various locations. Six Volumes and Tabernacle Shadows, Manna, Original Towers from 1879-1916 (ALL), Question Book, Expanded Biblical Comments, Photo-Drama, Songs in the Night, Hymns, Promises, Poems, Spurious Passages and now Interlinear Westcott & Hort, Diaglott and other translations are all in the database.
Hover over any of the Home Page options for a brief description of each.
Daily Manna and Songs in the Night

Also Exceeding Great and Precious Promise for each day and My Morning Resolve. Helpful links to other Bible Student resources are found at the bottom of the page.
International Bible Students Association: The IBSA

A history of the Association including comprehensive Bible teachings and expositions of Pastor Charles T. Russell.
Biblical Expositions

A collection of subjects offered for thinking Christians and a bookshop. More than 40 subjects and booklets.
Bible Student Resources for better Bible Understanding

Bible study tools, topics, treatises, current events and videos.
Bible Student Conventions Calendar
Bible Study Monthly - England

Previous issues by date
Christ's Second Presence

Christ’s Second Presence is on our Lord's Return. Basically, material is from Volumes 2 and 3. If you go to When, Signs, Parousia, there is a list of over 50 dictionary and lexicon definitions and 16 Bible Translations of the word "parousia" meaning “presence.”
Divine Plan of the Ages

Has the illustrated 1st Volume in 30+ languages, some still in process.
Volume 1 text is in the right column with illustrations and key thoughts on the left.
Studies, Books, Topics, Articles, Downloads, History and more

Oakland County Michigan Bible Students
Harvest Truths

This site is intended to be a database or archive of various helps and studies that the Lord’s people have found useful.
Bible Study Helps

Volumes, Bible Student Websites, Audio, Video, Inernational Connections, Featured studies for download.
Most Holy Faith

This is a Bible Student web site and is intended for the use of the Lord's people as a tool in their studies. Daily Devotions, Volumes, Reprints, Bible with Comments, Study topics and a list of Bible Student Web Sites.
Revelation of Jesus Christ
— John Class (Eugene Burns) 2001
Chapter Study, Topical Study, Questions, Glossary, Sinaitic Manuscript This work is an attempt at truth and harmony with the constant realization of human fallibility and weakness of judgment. The goal, however, is to provide a reasonable and consistent basis for understanding Revelation within the paradigm of the harvest message and to provide increased light to meet our increased responsibility to revealed truth. There are still loose ends that need the passing of time to bring greater clarity.
Studies in the Scriptures

Divine Plan Chart, Volumes, PhotoDrama, illustrated Tabernacle Shadows, Illustrated Manna and other items in over 162 languages, some still in process.

Audio discourses:
Central Washington Christians Discourse Library Service

Valued recorded lessons from the past. A treasure trove from old paths and the truth message!
Bible Student Discourse server

Contact Ryan Hangs for password. A VERY extensive collection of audio discourses
Chicago Discouarse Archives

Audio and Video files can be located with searches for: Keyword, Date Range, Series, Speaker or Service Type.

Other resources:
Seventh Day Adventist Archives

Review the extensive side index, or use search tools i.e. Miller, Conditionalist Faith, etc. to find full document files.
Internet Archive - Universal Access to all Knowledge

Use the search tool to find something like: Charles Taze Russell, or: Bible Students. Then select All Media Types and then GO. Select the first highlighted line of any item of interest. Then select the media type you wish to download on the left. This is an extensive resource and sometimes a little slow in responding due to the enormous data base.