Biblical Chronology and History

Romans 15:4 Whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction... More chronology studies and resources

Consolidated Chronology Chart - Raju Krishna, Bangalore India
All the major biblical chronology lines layered on the Divine Plan of the Ages.
Use zoom tool views to examine extraordinary details.

True Bible Chronology - Raju Krishna, Bangalore India
A study substantiating Bible chronology in contrast to proposals for a new stream of time and prophecy.

Chronology Study - Raju Krishna, Bangalore India
A Power Point program examining the 2043 and 1874 chronologies, validating the Biblical time line.

The Present Age and Times to Come - Hugo Karlén, Sweden 1942
A careful analysis of the periods from Adam to the Flood -> Abraham -> Exodus -> Judges -> Kings

Bible Chronology Chart — Watch Tower 1909-1916.
The main Biblical elements of history and prophecy from Adam through the Millennial Age.
A high resolution 15 meg. file. Allow time for downloading.
It is a scan of the original image of 44 inches wide.
The file initially displays at full page width. It will best be examined by zooming for closer views and pan to areas of interest.

Marking Time - Jerry Leslie
A treatise validating the various segments of Bible history and chronology

Period of the Judges - Peter Karavas 2006
Biblical evidence that Israel's Judges lasted 450 years.

Judges 450 Years - Jerry Leslie 2016
A contextual validation of Acts 13:20 and 1Kings 6:1 with evidence of 450 years for the Judges.

Lundquist Chart - Chronology and Genealogy from Adam to AD 70. Charted by Marie Lundquist in the mid 1950s.
Original was 40 inches wide. Zoom and pan to explore the details.

Jewish Chronology - Hebrew calendar and Bible chronology
A table noting the differences

Calculating Across BC and AD - Steve Palmgren
Some are helped with verbal explanations. Others like to do the math.
For others, a picture is worth a thousand words.
This clear explanation uses all three methods.

BC and AM synchronization - Bible chronology tabulation
A table of Bible chronology with BC and AM notations for 6000 years from creation and supporting texts

A Test of Time - Bob Gray
An affirmation of the Bible chronology in "The Time is at Hand"

Chronology for us Common Folk - David S. Doran
Basic and major concepts put into bite-sized pieces so that we can gain a solid foundation for our faith and not be subject to periodic storms of controversy regarding the stream of time in the Bible.

The Biblical 70 Years - Charles Redeker
A look at the exile and desolation periods. A confirmation of Biblical Chronology

The Desolation of Israel - Peter Karavas, 2015
Two views of the 70 years. Questions and answers establishing a full 70 years from the destruction of Jerusalem to Cyrus.

Dating the Desolation - Jerry Leslie
A study of 70-Years from the destruction of Jerusalem to Cyrus

Evidence from VAT 4956 - for dating the desolation from 607 BC.
This Babylonian cuneiform tablet inscribed on two sides has evidence with 13 lunar synchronisms that affirm the years of Nebuchadnezzar's reign and therefore the year of the siege and fall of Jerusalem.

20th Year of Artaxerxes - Richard Doctor, 2017
A research paper exploring the evidence for counting the years of Artaxerxes with 10 years overlap with the last of his father Xerxes, and reckons 454BC for his 20th year.

Say ye not a Confederacy - Jerry Leslie
A study of the last kings of Judah, from Josiah to Zedekiah

Mistakes of Ptolemy, the Pagan Historian - Morton Edgar 1922
This letter appeared in the August 15, 1922 Watch Tower. Edgar broke with the WT within a couple years of this letter over the very matters of revisionism detailed in this letter.

Bible Chronology - Morton Edgar, 1936
An open letter validating 6000 years of Chronology and a 1948 supplement on the Period of Judges.
Extracted from "Gleanings from Glasgow"
with nearly 800 pages of Edgar studies and correspondence. Still available at:

Chronology Charts - Morton Edgar, 1924
9 Time Parallels of the Divine Plan of the Ages
with synchronisms for history and prophecy

Bible Chronology - 6000 years of human history

Jewish Double - Confirms history & prophecy

The Gospel Age - David S. Doran
Two definitions and overlapping of ages. (From Ted Smith Discourse Service in 1972)

Patriarchs - Three Tabulations of the Patriarchs:
1- Noah's genealogy, 2- Concurrent lives the Patriarchs until Moses, 3- Ages & dates of contemporaries

Jacob Moved to Egypt with 70 Souls - Genesis 36:27; Exodus 1:5
Tabulation of the families and names of the 70 with Scripture references

Year of the Deluge and the days of Noah
Calendar of events and dates from Genesis 7-8

Additional Chronology Charts
Bible chronology, God's rest of 7000 years, Patriarchs, Days of Noah, prophecies, etc.

Memorial Dates - 200 years of Memorial dates from 1870 - 2069
Setting the Hebrew calendar follows a complex but consistent formula used for centuries.
The Memorial is held on the evening that begins Nisan 14, starting with the sunset of Nisan 13.