Inspiration, praise and devotions from pens of the past

Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.
Psalm 63:3

Songs of the Bride - 1879. This is the first hymn book published by Zion's Watch Tower,
free from objectionable theology. 144 hymns with descriptive indices. The end page ads offer:
"Our Lords Return" and the new journal of "Zion's Watch Tower."

Poems and Hymns of Dawn-1890 - C.T. Russell and 1890
This is the entire original 1890 book combining poems and hymns with indexes.
The Introduction is signed by C. T. Russell. Tower Publishing Co. Bible House, Allegheny, PA.

Poems and Hymns of Dawn-1905 - C.T. Russell and 1905
The original 1890 book combined poems and hymns without notes. In 1905 the hymns were published separately with notes. These had an introduction and prefatory by Pastor Russell but dropped in later issues. Original title pages and messages are copied here.

The Last Week of Jesus - or Heart Communion with Jesus
The last week of Jesus’ life pulses with drama. With the raising of Lazarus the fame of Jesus pervaded the little nation of Israel. When Jesus arrived at Bethany, all the elements of this drama came together—the Passover, Jesus, the multitudes, the priests and Pharisees.
Oh, much of this drama is diffused throughout the four Gospels. No one Gospel contains all the details, but they do carry much repetition. We have endeavored to eliminate the duplications while capturing every descriptive phrase of the drama into a seamless flow.
Heart communion with Jesus includes walking with him and experiencing in our hearts all the details of his loving sacrifice. Our prayer is that this complete narrative of Jesus’ last week will enhance your heart communion with him.

Thoughts on the Cross - Ken Rawson - 2009
What were Jesus’ thoughts during that tragic time of physical and mental anguish?
Well, we can know to a large extent the content of Jesus’ thinking during the last three hours of his cross ordeal.

A Little Bible Study - W. E. VanAmburgh, New Years Eve, 1900

Ye Loved Ones - W. E. VanAmburgh, January 1, 1901

Where Eagles Gather - Poems from the pen of Rosemary Page, Blackpool, England

The White Stone - J. B. Rotherham, 1828-1910, translator of “The Emphasized Bible"

A Morning Resolve - John Heyl Vincent, 1832 - 1920
Author of a short Morning Resolve. American Methodist Episocpal bishop and founder of the Chautauqua Assembly in 1874.

Saints Triumphant - Minna Edgar. Sister to John and Morton Edgar, Glasgow
Minna composed this beautiful poem. Later F. H. Wright set the words to a score of music included in a 1923 Hymn Book.
It was later discontinued.

Standing Alone - Author Unknown

The Call of the Bride - Composition and artwork by Frederick Lardent, 1920 England
Frederick Lardent was a Bible Student during the latter part of Pastor Charles Russell's ministry.
He left the Society in the 1920s and served independent Bible Students around the UK.

God's Loving Plan - Laura E. Kelsey

In the Garden of the Lord - Gertrude W. Seibert, 1864-1928

The Sweet Brier Rose - (and Other Poems) Gertrude W. Seibert, 1864-1928
Sweet Brier written in 1909, published in 1926 with her poems from 1885.

Angelophone Hymns
 - Charles T. Russell, July 1916
Angelico Records offered a set of 50 gramophone records, entitled "Old Fireside Hymns", sung by the celebrated baritone Henry Burr. The reverse side recorded the voice of Charles Taze Russell with his comments on each hymn.
Sound recording was in its infancy at that time, and the gramophone records were recorded and played mechanically.
The records had an accompanying companion Angelophone song book. The right-hand pages contained the words and music, while the left pages were devoted to the text of a short talk by Pastor Russell, giving his reflections prompted by each hymn.
This book was for personal rather than congregational use.