Original 1881 Chart of the Ages 1886 Chart of the Ages

Contemporary Chart of the Ages Chart of the Ages with colored lines

Chart of the Ages Colored version Prophetic Chart of the Divine Plan

Three Worlds from Day Dawn 1880 1898 Chart by U. G. Lee

Bible Chronology Chart of Covenants

6000 Years of human history God's Rest, the Seventh Day

Scroll of Church History The Flood Year & Days of Noah

Method to Calculate BC and AD Dates Periods of Favor

70 Years after Zedekiah to Cyrus 70 Weeks Prophecy

Counting the 70 Weeks Years for the Judges and Kings

Judges, Kings and Jubilees Synchronization between Chronology and Prophetic Parts

Genealogy in Genesis Family of Isaac

Patriarch from Noah to Moses Family of Levi

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Longevity of the Patriarchs Ages of the Patriarchs

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